Steel Supply

We are known for a high standard of
quality steel supplies and materials

As leading steel supply stockholders, our commitment is to deliver excellent customer service above the norm in our industry. We do our best to deliver your supplies at the right time so your projects can proceed as smoothly as possible.

As well as the supply of Steel we also provide the following services

Site Survey

Upon request, we can come to your site and do a site survey so we can make a proper estimate of your project requirements and discuss with you a proper plan of action and supply and installation schedule.

Project Estimating

We do project estimating and offer a price quotation that you can be happy about. We strive to beat other suppliers’ and fabricators’ quotations for the same standard of steel supplies and fabrication and erection work.


We have highly skilled draftsmen who can render your projects into computer models and detailed drawings for engineering and fabrication requirements. We utilise industry standard technology to provide you with the most efficient way to proceed with your projects.

Welding Services

We offer welding services to customers and builders, big or small. If the project requires, we can do on-site welding work and aim to finish on time and if we have to, strive to work on weekends and overtime just to finish your project on schedule.

Steel Fabrication Works

We fabricate any custom steel structure for your project, be it staircases, railings, canopies, platform for balconies, metal gates or steel fences. We fabricate steel supplies for projects of any kind that require fabrication expertise and engineering supervision. As well experienced fabricators, you can be confident that we know the dos and don'ts of fabrication and erection and you can rest assured that your project will proceed as smoothly as possible.

Steel Erection Service

In addition to our excellent fabrication service, we also offer an on-site steel erection and installation service. We aim to fabricate as well as erect your steel on-site at the right time and as efficiently as possible so your project can proceed as planned.